For over 25 years I worked in healthcare and have a Science Degree in Medical Diagnostic Imaging, specialising in Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging.

The last 10 of those years were spent working as a locum sonographer in various health centres, GP surgeries and hospitals.
As a single parent I couldn’t survive on NHS wages and unfortunately ended up working for agencies whose sole purpose was to make a monetary profit.

There were many aspects I disliked about my job which included working 9-5, travelling for hours each day and working 6 days a week just to make ends meet.

I was constantly exhausted and relationships were suffering, therefore I was continually feeling under the weather and anxious.

I received an email in my inbox, back in 2018, which changed my life forever. The email was promoting a book by the Medical Medium (aka Anthony William), and the book was called Celery Juice: The most powerful medicine of our time.

I healed myself naturally within weeks using only Medical Medium information, after suffering from multiple chronic disorders for over 40 years. Today I can honestly say I’m in the best health of my life, and I’m so grateful. Consequently, I lost faith in conventional medicine and even patients were questioning why I was working in healthcare. I did however discover a passion for coaching patients back to health and discovered how much I loved helping people!

One day I finally woke up and made the decision to quit my career. I was not thriving working in these institutions, was deeply unhappy, felt no affinity with the work I was doing, and my job was no longer aligned with my core values.
I decided there and then I was going to help others transform their lives.

I made the decision to let the part of me that wanted my dream to win, over the part of me that was terrified!

Soon after quitting my job, I discovered the Brave Thinking Institute and enrolled into the DreamBuilder coaching programme. I studied every day and put my all into the vigorous training process. The coaching programme is based on 40 years of research into developing a repeatable system for turning YOUR dream to reality.

Today I’m running my own business as a transformational life coach. I’m thrilled and so grateful to be helping others achieve extraordinary results in their lives. As a bonus I love that every day I’m working hours that I choose and spending precious quality time with loved ones.