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Jules Anderson Transformational Coaching

Are you unhappy and looking for change?
Are you seeking more fulfilment in your life?
Have you reached a pivotal point and not sure which way to turn?
Would you love more clarity on how to thrive in all aspects of your life including love and
relationships, career, health & wellbeing and time & money freedom?

Most people continue to live unfulfilled lives out of fear of change.

Hi!  I’m Jules and I’m thrilled you’re here!

As a certified Dreambuilder Coach with the Brave Thinking Institute: The Premier Training Centre for Transformational Coaching, I can help you create a life that you love living.
I specialise in helping others build their dream, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.
For over 15 years I’ve been studying and implementing transformational success principles, and as a sought-after speaker, trainer and certified coach, my workshops and coaching program help people breakthrough limitation’s and achieve greater results than they’ve known before.
If you’re looking to gain clarity, confidence and achieve your next level of success, while enjoying the highest levels of fulfillment in life, my coaching program can help you get there.

“I believe we are capable of far more than we realise, and I believe we really can all live a life that we love living”.

My mission

Is to inspire, encourage and empower you. Together we will unlock and discover your passion in life and take a step inside your imagination to envisage a future life you would love to create and live.
We will also work to eliminate deep-rooted self-limiting beliefs about what is possible for you.
Your current life is merely a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs Up Until Now !
It will be my honour and privilege to walk beside you as you take a confident stride forwards through the doorway to your best life, whatever your current circumstances.

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I attended a session with Jules feeling low and depressed, but left feeling inspired and energised! Best therapy session I’ve ever had.  Thank you so much.


I’ve been suffering with various health issues and felt my situation was really hopeless after being told by several doctors I would never recover 100%.
Jules inspired me to believe in my own healing and has given me faith and belief again.


I loved her kindness, patience and calmness.  I’ve totally replaced procrastination with a driven energy and have never looked back.  I’m so very grateful!